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SVD Educational & Charitable Trust

A holy Journey from Unch Goan to Paligam

Unch Goan (the birth place of Guruji situated at district Jaunpur Utter Pradesh)


Paligam (the place where Guruji lives in the heart of his devotees in Sukshm Roop situated at via Sachin GIDC near Sachin Railway Station District Surat Gujarat)


SVD Educational and charitable Trust founded and executed on 30th day of January ‘ 2009 by Shri Dr R.C. Tiwari Guruji at the age of 28 years having its head office at V-38, Neharu Enclave, Gomati Nagar, Lucknow-226010. One of the main objects of the Trust is to promote Spiritual and religious activities for the general Public and to do everything to make spiritual study popular and to develop the democratic and patriotic traits in the society.


The founder Chairman of the Trust Dr RC Tiwari is Gold medalist in astrology from Banaras Hinud University. During his study period at Banaras Hindu University our honourable President Shri Pranav Mukharjee had loved Guruji like his son and used to take advise from Him on some critical issues. The respected Guruji had started his carrier as a science students but diverted from science to astrology at the age which is called popularly (“Andhi Tufan ki Umar”). At this age He had diverted himself towards spiritual life is called in His own words Bhagawad Bhakti. The respected Guruji belongs from middle class educated family. During his study period, Guruji used to get up early in the morning and meet all his devotees at his home and cured each and every one’s problem one by one. Whenever Guruji meets any one, He always used to say very respectfully “Namo Namah”.


The Honurable Prime Minister Shri Naredra Modi had visited the capital of Utterpradesh lucknow in the year 2007. The respected Guruji along with his NandeeJi was meeting with their devotees in VVIP at Lucknow Sachivalay. The devotees were in queue to meet Guruji outside the VVIP. When Modi ji saw the crowd and asked who is the person to whom VIP people are standing in queue. Modiji also meet Guruji at VVIP and during this meeting respected Guruji rapped kala Dhaga in his hand and blessed him.


Repected Guruji used to come to Surat in Gujarat state to bless their devotees in an interval of 6 month for a week in a year since 2002 from his home town Utter Pradesh. He used to stay in Room No 102 at Kapadia Helath Club situated in Surat City. Respected Guruji Normally used to meet their closest devotees in the evening at kapadia hotel after finishing his outside visits. During these meetings he used to share His normal life style, during the conversation He told us that He is having very short life below 35 years giving the example of Swami Vivekanand in a very light way. It looks light but it was serious.


It was the month of December in the year 2009, when respected Guruji shared His will to their devotees to construct an Ahsram in Gujarat. Mean while some of devotees went to Mathura to Meet Guruji from Gujarat. In Mathura Meets one of devotees of Gujarat had offered the small piece of land to construct the Ashram at Paligam Sachin Surat.

On 17 February In the year 2010, respected Guruji visited Paligam along with their devotees. When Guruji arrived at the proposed site of Temple to be constructed, He did not stop there, He kept on moving towards the bank of Ponds nearly 100 meter from proposed site. He stopped at the western side of the bank of the Ponds and started to feel something spiritual. The place where Guruji stopped was Jungle. It was very difficult to walk properly. The whole place surrounded with Jungle babul trees.


On the bank of the ponds “The respected Guruji had invented Siddh Peeth Sthal”. On this holy place He had interviewed with the Lord Shiva and Maa Jagad Janani Jagadmba” both Shiv Shakti.

On this holy Occasion He told –

That This is one of the “ Siddh Peeth sthal” in the world, He said in Hindi “ Ynha per Lord Shiva and Maa Jagad Janani Jagadmba Shakshat viraj Maan hai” .
Further He forecasted three things for this holy place in Hindi in front of more than 500 peoples:


1. Yadi koi Shiv aur Maa Ka Bhakt ho to usase is sthan ke bare mai jarur charcha kare, Use yanha avashya darshan milega .


2. Yadi aapke ass pass pados mai koi dukhi se dukhi vaykti mil jaye jisake sare raste band ho gaye ho, to aap usase is sthan ki charcha avashya kare, Use Baba Bholenath aur Maa jagadamba jarur rasta denge. Aur tisari Baat


3. Mai yanha ek bhvya vishal mandir ka roop dekh raha hun.
In the month April 2010 on the holy occasion of opening ceremony of construction work of temple The honorable Mininster Shri Narottambhai Patel was present along with Sarpanch Shri Bhupatbhai Patel and other respected citizens’of the village and from other nearby locations.


On this Holy Occasion the respected Guruji had asked people to contribute in Hindi (ek unjali Balu) Means a bucket of sands only and when He came back to Hotel, He told His beloved devotees to collect only one rupees of coins from nearby locations of the Paligam and purchase the cement or sands for plinth works of temple from that money. The Holy places should not be constructed with one person’s money and efforts.


The construction work had been started slowly … and people started to prey at “Siddh Peeth Sthal “to fulfill their wishes. It continues…..